A gym built by Chicago climbers for Chicago climbers.

Q: What is it really like to climb at CBC?

A: CBC is like a living room: laid back, comfortably cluttered, and full of your awesome people. We try to make everyone feel welcome and connected. Our members site other members as their favorite part of their climbing experience.

Q: What kind of climbing can I do at CBC?

A: CBC is a bouldering-only gym; we do NOT have ropes, harnesses, or protection (apart from ample padding). Our highest boulder tops out around 15 feet.

Q: Why do I have to make a profile?

A: Creating a profile with us allows you to sign the waiver and climb safely at our gym. We ask that you do this prior to coming in to save valuable climbing time.


The Chicago Bouldering Collective is CLOSED  - For NOW

Our new location opening will be announced HERE.

Q: Do you have equipment to rent?

A: While we do not rent equipment out, any climber is welcome to use our (small) selection of community pads and shoes in the gym. If you have particularly large or small feet, we recommend you bring your own shoes.

Q: I'm new to climbing and want to improve. Do you offer lessons?

A: At the moment, we do not offer lessons. However, we have many experienced members who offer free pointers!

Q: Why do I have to make a reservation?

A: We have limited space and want to ensure you get the proper attention, time and room to climb. Making a reservation allows us to ensure that we are prepared for your first climb and prevent overcrowding.